Value of Data: Ag Leader Trip to Texas

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Last month, Ag Leader Software Support Specialist Luke James had the opportunity to travel to southern Texas to meet with Cody Bruner, Ag Leader SW Territory Manager, to discuss the value of data with a few key dealers and farmers from the region. Read and watch as James recounts his trip, how precision ag helps growers throughout the region, and the value of data.

Our first stop was in EL Campo with United Ag. While there, I had the opportunity to discuss agriculture in the south central inland Texas region with Jimmy Schulz, Precision Ag Manager at United Ag. Listen as Jimmy describes the region.

Also while at United Ag, Jimmy and I discussed the value of collecting and using precision ag data to make informed management decisions. Listen as Jimmy explains the value of precision ag data and how it can benefit the grower.

Our next stop in Texas was Donna, in the Rio Grande Valley, meeting with Seiver Implement Co. Although growers were busy getting ready to begin combining grain we were able to meet with several farmers to discuss precision agriculture and the value of data.

James McWhorter of Seiver Implement gave us a tour of the farming community around where he grew up. During the tour we came across various crops including grain sorghum (commonly known as milo), cotton, sugar cane and many vegetables. I enjoyed our time in the region visiting with dealers and growers discussing precision ag and the value of data and look forward to visiting again.

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