Ag Leader’s Educator Training

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Ag Leader’s 3rd annual Educator’s Training will be held on Aug. 2-3 at Ag Leader Academy. The program is designed for institutions that are teaching precision ag practices to their students either in the classroom or in the field with the purpose of educating institutions on Ag Leader’s various services and products, as well as to provide hands on demonstrations of Ag Leader’s product lineup.

Tyler Anderson, Ag Leader software support specialist, says Ag Leader is helping to cultivate the next generation of precision ag specialists in the job field, whether it’s back home on their own farms, at Ag Leader or as a dealer.

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Anderson also says, “Being able to see the various products in action allows educators to better understand precision agriculture and how they can implement that knowledge into their classroom, and it helps students understand where precision ag might fit into their future.”

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Everyone who is currently enrolled in the Educational program can attend the training free of charge and may bring additional attendees for $200 per seat. Any educator who is not currently enrolled can also attend for $200 per seat. Please contact Tyler Anderson or Adam Walters at 515-232-5363 if you are interested in attending or need more information regarding the training.

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