Wheat Growers Purchases MZB Technologies

Melissa SandfortCompany Announcement

Wheat Growers has purchased MZB Technologies, a precision agronomy company based in Watertown, S.D. Wheat Growers has been using MZB Technologies as their exclusive precision ag software since 2002.

The MZB Precision Farming System delivers a patented, zone-based, precision farming system that delivers multi-layer field management for site-specific application of agricultural inputs. MZB offers two service options:
• The MZB Precision Farming System creates up to 12 individually sampled management zones per field. Farmers can variably manage mobile and immobile nutrients and seed populations.
• MZB Lite offers up to four individually sampled management zones per field with the same capabilities.

MZB provides a field data collection service as well as a software package to manage the collected data, based on a combination of Veris EC information, RTK elevation readings and satellite imagery. From the data, a farmer’s field is then sub-divided into “zones,” which is why the service is called Management Zone Based (MZB). The zones range from 10 to 15 acres in size and are individually soil sampled and managed according to the specific deficiencies or needs in that zone. MZB employees collect the data and an MZB Precision Farming Retailer manages the data with MZB Tools software. No other system offers the same valuable, easy-to-use combination of field detail, data management and real-time communication between growers, agronomists, applicators, dispatchers, field scouts and soil testers.