Precision Planting Launches FieldView

Meghan GrebnerApps, Audio, GPS, Planting, Precision Pays Podcast, Software

Precision Planting of Tremont, Illinois recently launched a new iPad monitoring application for use in production agriculture. 

It’s called “FieldView”, their latest addition to the 20/20 Seed Sense system for planter management.  Sean Arians, education coordinator with Precision Planting, says the application puts the iPad to good use in the cab of the tractor. “Rather than just playing games like Angry Birds on it, now you have the capability to have cellular data available in the tractor,” Sean says, noting that as we look towards sharing and managing data, this can provide the ability to transfer software updates and information from maps into the cap and up to a server where it can later be accessed by a computer in the home or office.

Find out more about “Field View” in this report: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Sean Arians on FieldView”]