Farm Program Atlas

Cindy ZimmermanUSDA

The USDA Economic Research Service has a Farm Program Atlas online for your searching pleasure.

The Farm Program Atlas is a web-based interactive mapping tool that displays payment and participation data on major farm programs and covered commodities at the county level — to visualize how these Federal farm programs vary across the United States. Users can select maps displaying county-level data for nearly 100 variables. Each map may be viewed for the entire country or users can use a zoom tool to focus on a single region, State, or county. When viewing a program map, users may also click on a single county to view a table of data on all the variables associated with the program for that particular county.

With these tools, users can:

  • View maps showing levels of participation and benefits from key farm programs
  • View maps comparing participation and benefits from selected programs
  • View all data for any county on a selected farm program
  • Print a version of the map or save the image in a graphics-file format for use in other documents or presentations
  • Download a spreadsheet containing all the data for a selected county or for all U.S. counties included in the Atlas