Talking Precision at Farm Progress Show

Chuck ZimmermanAg Leader, Audio, Farm Progress Show

Here’s my last Farm Progress Show interview for this year. I walked in to Jeremy Wilson, Crop IMS, in the new Ag Leader Technology building. Like me, he says the new building is a real showcase of all that Ag Leader has to offer. After wandering around Farm Progress Show he also agrees that there’s a lot more precision on display than ever before.

I asked Jeremy what farmers have been saying to him. He says, “The biggest comment is . . . what’s this crop going to be? How much am I going to make?” He calls that shorthand for “How much do I have to invest in new equipment, new precision ag equipment?” Planter controls are also getting the most attention in terms of the questions and comments he’s been hearing.

You can listen in to my conversation with Jeremy here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Jeremy Wilson”]

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