Just in Case

Melissa SandfortAgricultural Anthropology

Living out in the country, I don’t have the luxury of just running to the grocery store around the corner if I find myself in the middle of a recipe, missing ingredients. The closest grocery store is 10 miles away and it’s no bigger than my kitchen. The next store of any size is 25 miles away and it’s still a drop in the bucket as compared to bigger cities. So our pantry is quite large and I keep multiples of everything on hand.

Did I mention we have three freezers, too? Is that overkill?

Last week though, I ran out of eggs. I had to make a cake for a funeral and that used up the last of my supply. So the next night when we were making French toast and bacon for supper (yes, it’s called supper around here), I sure was missing the side dish of scrambled eggs.

If I had one of these egg cases around – and a few chickens – maybe I wouldn’t have been in that situation. This is a Quality Egg case from Dannen Feeds and it held 12-dozen eggs and had flats and fillers to keep the eggs from cracking.

That’s a lot of busy chickens. And, there was a super-size version of this egg case that held 30-dozen eggs!

Now if only I could convince the grocery store to put in a drive-through window for bread, milk and eggs, we’d be all set.

Until our next history lesson …