Evergreen FS Tends FPS Fields

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farm progress show 2011What makes the Farm Progress Show so special every year is the opportunity to watch real equipment working in real fields, so making the demo plots the best they can be is important, no matter what kind of tricks Mother Nature plays during the growing season.

That was the job of Evergreen FS this year as the agronomy sponsor for the demo plots, and Seed Marketing Manager Gary Bowen says it was definitely a challenge. “We had a pretty tough year,” he told Chuck Zimmerman at the show. “We started off really wet, we finally did get in and get it planted and then the water shut off and so we’ve been pretty droughty and it has affected our yield, no doubt about it.” Despite the challenges, it was still a decent crop and Gary says it was a good chance to highlight what the FS System can do.

Listen to or download Chuck’s interview with David here. [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/farm-progress/fps11-gmk-bowen.mp3″ text=”Gary Bowen with Evergreen FS”]

2011 Farm Progress Show Photo Album

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