PrecisionEarth Now Available For Your iPad

Chuck ZimmermanApps, Soil Sampling

During InfoAg I visited with PrecisionEarth which was just being introduced. Well it’s now available for your iPad (or other iOS device)! Watch an overview in the video below.

PrecisionEarth makes Soil Sampling Simple, Faster, with less mistakes, and with less paper. Build up the Grower, Farmer, Field information as well as collect new boundaries, grids, and samples all inside PrecisionEarth, even when 3G/WiFi is not available. When complete export your sample results as vectors for use in other applications and backup your information to the included WebConnect Cloud Storage Account.

Already Have Source Data?

PrecisionEarth comes with Localconnect to automatically re-project and format vector and raster/imagery information. These can be vectors for boundaries and directed sampling locations, and images/rasters of your fields.

All of this comes for a one time fee of $250 USD in the Apple App Store.