Trimble Expands Harvest Solution to Include Yield Monitoring and Row Guidance

Melissa SandfortTrimble

Trimble introduced yield monitoring and row guidance capabilities providing farmers with an integrated solution to meet their harvesting needs. These new capabilities help farmers record and analyze crop yield and moisture performance in the field, as well as accurately steer combines along rows.

Yield Monitoring
Trimble Yield Monitoring allows growers to accurately view and map yield and moisture data as they harvest, providing instant information about the performance of their crop. In addition, Trimble Yield Monitoring enables growers to track the amount of grain loaded onto the trucks in the field and wirelessly transfer the information back to the office to reconcile yield records using Farm Works® software.

RG-100 Row Guidance
Trimble RG-100 row guidance utilizes sensors on the combine head to signal the Autopilot™ steering system when to adjust to changes in the corn rows. It also centers the combine head on straight, curved, or hillside rows. The system operates in conditions that are traditionally difficult for the combine operator, such as down corn, long passes, and other poor visibility conditions, allowing the combine to harvest more corn without manual input from the farmer.

Trimble Yield Monitoring and RG-100 row guidance are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2011.