Cold Feet

Melissa SandfortAgricultural Anthropology

Maybe it’s a circulation problem, I’m not sure, but my feet are always cold. It can be 100 degrees outside and my toes can be ice cold in my flip flops. It’s a problem I’ve always had and a quite frustrating one!

The same holds true for my fingers. Maybe it’s an extremities problem.

Either way, electric blankets are no good because my overall body temperature gets too high, then I can’t sleep. Socks don’t work either – my feet get claustrophobic.

Maybe what I need is this soap stone. It’s a heavy stone that was heated in the oven, wrapped in a towel then placed next to your feet in bed. This was before central heat or boiler systems and floor heat like we have now. It was also used if you were headed out on a long road trip: heat this up and put it in the car on the floorboard to stay warm.

My husband might like it too so I don’t use his legs to warm up my feet!

Until our next history lesson …