You said how much?

Melissa SandfortAgricultural Anthropology

Let’s just say there are 8 pounds of water in 1 gallon. (It’s 8.34 but round numbers are easier.)

Let’s say this #3 butter churn is 3 gallons. That’s 24 pounds of butter, assuming butter and water weigh the same.

Let’s say this #4 butter churn is 4 gallons. That’s 128 sticks of butter. (1 pound of butter = 4 sticks)

Did I just do the math right? Mr. Smith, can you check my answer please?

Now tell me this – who doesn’t love butter? What isn’t better with butter? Take that one step further and where do we get the cream for that butter? Cows. That’s right folks, cows. Those brown-eyed beauties that some folks deem stinky and not for human consumption provide us all the good stuff we need to make butter. Aaahhhh, so now you’re saying a little stink is worth it for butter?

I hope I never hear my son “udder” the question, “where does that milk and cheese and butter come from” while in a grocery store. Although, daddy already taught him how to tell a bull from a cow, so I think I’m safe.

Until our next history lesson …