Ag Leader INTEGRA Display Winner at Wyffels Corn Strategies

Chuck ZimmermanAg Leader, Audio, Corn, Wyffels

During the Wyffels Corn Strategies in Malcom, Iowa, this week, Ag Leader Technology held a drawing for an INTEGRA™ Display. Our young farmer in the photo did the name drawing.

The winner is Jeff Peterson of Port Byron, IL. He’s flanked by Rick Hofer, Iowa Territory Manager (left) and Travis Goedken, Minnesota Territory Manager. That’s a nice prize to go home with!

While I was at this event I spoke with Katie Beeler. She says Ag Leader Technology is very happy to participate in a Corn Strategies event. Looking ahead to harvest she says auto steer and yield monitoring will help corn growers. The company will be at a number of summer farm shows and I know I’ll see them again soon.

You can listen to my interview with Katie here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Katie Beeler Interview”]

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