The Value of Data

Melissa SandfortAg Leader, Insights Weekly

Insights WeeklyWhy do you use precision ag technologies on your farm? Not surprisingly, your answer might be different than your neighbor’s or the grower two towns away. But no matter why you use it, know that precision ag equipment not only helps you gather information, but software can then help you organize, visualize, analyze and archive that data. But why is this important? Because data can help you find efficiencies when it comes to future crop management decisions.

Saving costs (with technologies such as Autoswath from Ag Leader) and accurate placement of products (with technologies such as ParaDyme, OnTrac2, and INTEGRA) are practices that allow you to see immediate benefits. However, have you ever wanted this technology to help you make decisions even when the machinery is not in operation? Have you ever wanted to do more than save costs? Using software to make specific management changes on your operation is the beginning.

Luke James, Ag Leader Software Sales Specialist, says the data you collect tells a story of each field.

The examples of how data has shown value by increasing yields are virtually endless. Many examples are very specific to a location, as not everyone has the same soil, weather, crops, fields or management practices. What we do have in common is all of our farming operations have a weak link. However, your data (or your report card) is the best source of identifying the weak links in your operation.

James also says how finding field trends can help you save money.

As farming changes, regulations and records become more important. James explains how data collection software can help growers report specific field information.

So, as you head in to harvest this year and begin to gather yield data, refer back to planting data, and evaluate if you made the right choice. Your “report card” can help you decide what’s right for next year’s fields.

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