Food Price Stability Ideas

Chuck ZimmermanZimmPoll

Our latest ZimmPoll asked, “What can G20 ag ministers do to stabilize food prices?” The answer is Nothing, 31%; Increase productivity, 23%; End biofuels production, 18%; Regulate markets, 17%; Improve crop reporting, 8% and Stockpile food, 3%. Can they actually do any of these things? Well, I guess they can do nothing. They met recently and did come up with “a plan.” Interestingly, stockpiling food is part of their plan. Hmm . . .

Our new ZimmPoll is now live. We’re asking the question, “What do you think of USDA’s proposed GIPSA rule?” Let us know what you think. Don’t know much about GIPSA? Check out this link to find a series of posts on the subject.

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