Getting Social With Ag Leader

Melissa SandfortAg Leader, Insights Weekly

Insights WeeklyDid you know that if you’re reading this post right now that means you’re part of the social media communications network? That’s right – is a blog, or an interactive website where visitors come to get information and leave feedback.

So what exactly IS this bigger picture of social media and why is it important to you as a farmer or rancher?

Social media tools include Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and Flickr, just to name a few, and it has taken off with U.S. consumers faster than anyone imagined it ever would. More than 75 percent of the U.S. online population is using social technologies and almost half read blogs at least monthly.

Social media uses web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. In essence, it’s “where the people are.” Social media is all about building relationships, having meaningful, interactive 1-on-1 conversations with consumers, media and fellow farmers.

Recognizing that emerging trend, Ag Leader turned to the Internet to create an online social media dialogue in an effort to make it possible for growers to engage with the company, other growers, dealers, university experts and anyone passionate about Precision ag online.

Growers can research products, find out more about Ag Leader, and join in the conversation, through:
Precision Point blog
• Twitter (@agleadertech)

Katie Beeler, Marketing Communications Coordinator for Ag Leader, tells us more about their social media communications and marketing strategy.

So if you’re feeling social, there’s probably an online venue that suits you. Just find the one you’re most comfortable with and join in the conversation. Ask questions. Be involved. And educate others about precision agriculture and modern farming practices in the process.