The Fastest Socket Wrench

Melissa SandfortAgricultural Anthropology

I love organization. I wonder, at times, if I have OCD about cleaning and putting everything back in its place. I have a child who is almost 3 years old and probably thinks I’m no fun when it comes to playing…but I know right where all of his toys are, and every night, the same toys go back in the same box, and get put back in the same trunk in the same place. See a pattern here? I don’t like clutter.

I’d be that way about my husband’s toolbox too, but he’d probably throw a fit. Plus, that’s his domain.

I just find that when I complete this organizational routine, it makes my life easier because I don’t have to search for toys, car keys, tape, socks, cell phone or tools.

This is a 4-way speed wrench, made for two reasons. One, to clean up the toolbox clutter. (Oh, I like it already!) And two, to have four socket sizes at your fingertips to quickly and easily loosen lug nuts. This one was patented in October 1922.

Now we have impact wrenches, but this initial design was perfect for those who wanted an uncluttered toolbox, and liked doing things fast.

Until our next history lesson …