Planting Update Direct From Iowa

Melissa SandfortAg Leader, Insights Weekly

Insights WeeklyThis week, we caught up with Kent Johnson, farmer from centrally located Clemons, Iowa, for an update on the 2011 planting season and his use of precision ag equipment, direct from his tractor cab or as he refers to it, his “office”.

Kent tells us he got an early start on corn in mid-April, but then had to delay by a week because of cold Midwestern weather.

Kent utilizes Ag Leader’s SeedCommand, DirectCommand and SureVac Electric row shutoff, SureStop Clutches, SMS Advanced and SMS Mobile. As you can see, he is no stranger to precision ag equipment. He entered the precision ag field with yield monitors in 1995, a GPS on that yield monitor in 1998, and expanded from there.

He says putting a hard and fast number to ROI is tough to do, but his message to other growers is that it saves time, increases productivity, and reduces mental and physical wear and tear on the user.

Kent is truly a man of the times. He confessed to running on Autopilot and SeedCommand while sitting in the field watching YouTube videos on his smart phone on how to repair equipment. He demands a lot from his Ag Leader technology, which in turn, lets him do a lot more in the same amount of time.

Want to take a look inside his cab? Kent shot this video with his phone:

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