It’s a Cuisinart!

Melissa SandfortAgricultural Anthropology

Can’t you just picture someone’s scrunched up face when they say, “It’s a Cuisinart”? It grinds, it brews, it practically makes breakfast for you. And if you live on coffee alone in the mornings, it DOES make breakfast for you!

This hand-crank coffee grinder belonged to my great, great-grandmother. Manual hand mills came in handy when you only needed a small amount of grounds, or when you wanted a fine grind. Beans were filled into the hopper and then as they were ground, emptied into the bottom box. So, you got the satisfaction of a truly “fresh” cup of coffee, made from scratch.

Notice the bend of the crank handle. This is a right-handed model. The left-handed models were usually custom-made and very rare.

I don’t know the manufacturing company, but I’m betting it doesn’t roll off the tongue like a Cuisinart does.

Until our next history lesson …