Precision Agriculture Applications for California Growers

Melissa SandfortData Collection, Regulation, technology, yields

Pitney Bowes Business Insight announced that Britz-Simplot LLC, the largest, full-service agricultural retailer and wholesaler of fertilizers, seed and other applications in California, is leveraging Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s mapping and location intelligence technology to strengthen its precision agriculture business. As growers face increasing industry challenges, such as budget constraints, environmental concerns and compliance regulations, Britz-Simplot turned to Pitney Bowes Business Insight as a technology partner who would offer strong support and a user-friendly solution.

For growers who want to purchase and use less fertilizer, but still yield higher results in their crop production and increase ROI, Britz-Simplot provides answers to questions on growing potential, including detailed information on fields and soil type.

With a desire to improve mapping accuracy and offer better intelligence to its customers, Britz-Simplot integrated Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s MapInfo Professional®, a powerful Web-based mapping and geographic analysis software tool designed to easily visualize the relationships between data and geography. In addition, Britz-Simplot used MapInfo ProViewer™ to share the location intelligence with clients and employees, allowing them to more easily open, view and manipulate the maps, tables and analyses created with MapInfo Professional.

Britz-Simplot also helps customers with budget management, regulatory compliance and environmental issues. In fact, they also provide data for faster and easier compliance reporting, which helps growers spend less time on legal and regulatory requirements reporting and spend more time on their core business.

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