SMS Software Customer Training is Valuable

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Casey Schlichting, corn and soybean grower from Clear Lake, Iowa, farms about 1,300 acres with his father and uncle. For about seven years, he and his family have utilized SMS Software from Ag Leader – a data storage solution that captures data from planting, fertilizing, spraying, harvest or guidance, and houses it all and organizes it for easy access. Casey recently completed a customer training session with Ag Leader experts and was able to share some of his insights and experiences with us.

Listen to an interview with Casey as he explains why SMS is valuable to his own operation, and why he encourages other growers to complete a training session with Ag Leader.

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Classroom and web-based training sessions are available, and Ag Leader’s software-dedicated support team is available to help answer questions. Casey noted that most of his questions can be answered with one quick phone call.

Contact your local Ag Leader dealer or visit for more information on SMS Software.