Monsanto Introduces Precision Agriculture Program

Cindy ZimmermanFarmers, seed

Monsanto has started a program this year in the Midwest to deliver IntelliScanSM field guides and IntelliSeedSM custom planting recommendations to farmers. It’s the first phase of a program called Monsanto Prescriptive Ag Solutions, according to a company press release.

“Today, farmers are looking for advances in seed technologies and precision planting practices that will enable them to produce more, conserve more and remain profitable,” said Julie LaBonte, Monsanto Prescriptive Ag Business Manager. “These tools are Monsanto’s next steps toward providing increased confidence in seed choice, placement and plant population for field-specific recommendations.”

IntelliScan contains detailed field maps and data that provide the farmer with valuable insights into field-specific growing conditions. Using the IntelliScan field guide farmers are able to assess potential field stresses and match the right hybrids and varieties for specific field conditions, choose the right plant population customized to field environmental factors and conduct a post-season crop review of in-field variability for future corrective action.

Farmers in the pilot program are also receiving IntelliSeed custom planting recommendations that enhance the crop management decisions for the current year, as well as provide insight for future crop decisions.

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