Need Extra Green for Planting Season?

Cindy ZimmermanCompany Announcement

Planting season is just around the corner now and that means laying out cash for seed, inputs, equipment updates, etc.

Filling out a simple survey could get you an extra $250 to help pay for spring planting. Really, it’s that simple. Just take a few minutes to tell us what you think about and you are automatically entered to win in the January 31 drawing. The odds of winning are about 1 in 500 – better than the lottery!

We are doing the survey because we need some demographic information to show that we really are reaching farmers and consultants on this website, and we would really like to reward everyone who takes the time to give us that information. But, since we can’t give everyone cash, we can at least give everyone who fills out the survey each month a good chance of getting a nice little check. We’ve already given away $500 in the past two months.

We will not be using any of the personal information (names, addresses, etc.) for any purpose except to send a check to the winner of the drawing. What we really need is geographic and demographic information. So you have nothing to lose, and potentially $250 to gain.

Click here to fill out the survey before January 31!