Mizzou Computers on the Farm Event Grows

Cindy ZimmermanEvents

The 15th annual Computers on the Farm conference sponsored by the University of Missouri is coming up January 7-8 in Osage Beach, MO.

The program is markedly different and vastly expanded from the first one held in 1997. The first program started out with “How to access the Internet” and breakouts included “Getting Started with Windows 95,” “Using your spreadsheet for Farm Decisions,” and “Using Electronic Mail.” It is really amazing to see how fast the technology has changed and integrated into agriculture in such a short period of time!

Among the many topics on the schedule for the 2011 event are: Fast Internet in Rural Missouri; Ag production software tools; Digital media; Social networking; and Cell phone use.

Registration for the event is $115 and includes meals and materials. Sessions begin at 1 pm on January 7 and continue into the evening, begin again January 8 with an early breakfast and end at noon.