Auburn Open House Highlights Precision Ag Before AG CONNECT

John DavisAg Connect Expo, Audio

My friend Dr. John Fulton from Auburn University wanted me to remind everyone who is headed to the AG CONNECT Expo in Atlanta, Ga. to make a short side trip to his school (just 100 miles southwest of Atlanta) for an open house put on by Auburn University, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, and the Alabama Precison Agriculture Team.

“We felt like it was a great opportunity [for companies and agencies] who will be attending AG CONNECT that week.”

Fulton says the focus of the one day event on January 6, 2011 will be on the school’s application technology. “Whether that’s for liquid applications, such as sprayers, or dry applicators in our area.”

Fulton estimates that about half of the farmers in the country use some type of precision ag technology, and that number will continue to grow.

He adds that since the event will take place so close to the same day Auburn plays Oregon for the BCS national championship in football, any wayward ducks from the northwest part of the country get a special invitation to a special event.

“We’d love to take them out on a ‘Duck’ hunt!”

The open house, duck hunting not included, starts at 9 am CST on Jan. 6, 2011 at Auburn’s Tom Corley Building (Biosystems Engineering Department). More information is available on the Alabama Precision Ag Team’s website.

Listen to more of my conversation with Dr. Fulton in the player below: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Dr. John Fulton, Auburn University”]