Must Read: New Precision Balanced Crop Nutrition Guide

Kurt LawtonCorn, Education, Farmers, Fertilizer

I’d highly recommend every farmer spend some serious time this winter with this new guide. It is excellent.

Sent to over 400,000 growers as a supplement to the November issue of Successful Farming magazine, the 28-page guide is a valuable resource for growers striving for next-generation yields, as well as a great sales tool for Mosaic’s retail customers.

The guide features new thinking on building a well-balanced fertility program and highlights the latest research on topics like uncovering the nutrient requirements of today’s new hybrids, real experiences of producers implementing innovative best management practices and facts on the latest advancements in fertilizer.

“It’s with a pioneering spirit and quest for better information that The Mosaic Company brings you the Balanced Crop Nutrition supplement to Successful Farming,” said Rick McLellan, Mosaic’s senior vice president of Commercial Operations. “Technology continues to evolve and promises higher levels of crop performance, but to maximize this potential, fertility strategies also must move forward. Fertilizer is the foundation on which all high-yield crop systems must be based.”

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