New John Deere 8R Tractors Are Precision Amplified

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John Deere has released the next generation of it’s 8R Tractors. These new tractors integrate the “smart-tractor” concept into the row-crop tractors, and by “smart” I mean the tractor provides growers all the latest and greatest precision ag technologies right at their fingertips.

I caught up with Cody Dicken during the Farm Progress Show to take a look at the new 8R Tractor and learn more about its new features, especially the amplified Command Center.

“First and foremost, customers will notice new styles and new lights on the front grill. But quickly when they step into it, they’ll notice that the power levels have increased by about a 10-15 percent power increase depending on the model,” explained Dicken.

The 8360R and the 8360RT get up to almost 300 btu horsepower and Dicken continued, “From what we can see, these are the most powerful row crop tractors anywhere in the industry.”

One advantage of the new 8R Tractors is that farmers can easily integrate new GPS technologies into their operations.

“Last year when we came out with the 2010 8R we introduced the Command Center on the seat. This year, we’ve taken the Command Center to the next level,” said Dicken. “We now have an option to enable the tractor with a touch steer display and the GreenStar applications are now available.”

With the Command Center, growers can also operate AutoTrack and SwatchControl Pro, which makes it easier for growers to be able to use the technology.

Another cool feature of the tractor is that a grower can customize it to meet his needs from horsepower – to precision power. And this tractor will benefit small to medium operations just as effectively as it will large to extra large operations. Not ready for all the bells and whistles yet? Don’t worry. You can add precision technologies as your operation grows.

To learn more, visit your local John Deere dealer. They can give you personal demonstrations on how all their new precision technologies can make your farm operation more profitable.

You can also learn more by listening to my interview with Cody Dicken. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Cody Dicken Discusses the Command Center”]

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