New Apache Sprayer Line is Precision Ready

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A new line of Apache sprayers was showcased by Equipment Technologies at the recent Farm Progress Show. Three new models offer wide-ranging engineering and design changes to improve value, reliability and ruggedness.

As one of Raven’s largest OEM customers, Equipment Technologies can factory install the following precision options on any Apache model: SmarTrax auto-steering, the SCS 5000 application rate controller, the EnvizioPro or ViperPro field computer and the AutoBoom and AccuBoom boom controls.

The Apache sprayer has earned a reputation for its affordability, reliability and ruggedness. Now, the AS720, AS1020 and AS1220 models incorporate engineering and design refinements that make them more affordable, more reliable and more rugged than ever before. National Sales Manager, Paul Nielsen explains, “The 2011 model year represents the culmination of years of customer feedback and planning.” Nielsen adds, “It is truly rewarding to see all these changes come together without compromising what makes the Apache special and that is the promise of efficiency and R.O.I. – doing more with less. Our customer, the farmer who considers himself a business man, appreciates that and we are proud to be able to deliver on our promise of the best value in the industry in such a big way.”

Specific design enhancements for all three 2011 Apache models include:

All-new cab:
4-point mounted cab. The cab is now fulcrum-mounted at four points. Combined with a wider stance, this reduces the g-forces felt by the operator by 37.5% which makes for the Apache’s most comfortable ride yet.

Improved visibility and larger floor plate. The all-new, custom cab boasts a 12% increase in overall floor space. With the wrap-around glass, the operator is given an improved view of the front wheels as well as a better view of the booms.

Noise reduction. Noise sources such as the engine and exhaust have been moved farther from the operator resulting in a 9% reduction of in-cab noise.

Cab entry. The new Apaches feature a rear-hinged door and larger catwalk to maneuver in- and out of the cab.

Seat and “buddy-seat.” With the increase in floor space, the new Apaches provide a “buddy-seat” for safer learning and instruction.

HVAC and electronics. HVAC adjustments have been placed in the steering column and the electronics are CAN-ready.

Chassis, product tank and options:

Axle widths. Applicators can now choose between a 120″ fixed axle or an adjustable axle that allows widths between 120″ and 160.” These new adjustable configurations provide increased options for an array of row spacings and a wider stance for increased stability.

Lighting. The 2011 Apaches feature better illumination in- and outside the cab with a 22% increase in the number of bulbs compared to last year’s base lighting package. All exterior lights except the hood lights are adjustable and are dual-beam Hella bulbs.

Custom, UV product tank. A custom, roto-mold tank has been introduced for the 2011 model year. It is contoured to the chassis and no longer utilizes a tank skid. This allows the tank to be lowered and contributes to better visibility of the booms, a lower center of gravity and a better ride.

Fill station. The new and improved fill station features a more intuitive layout and an LED lighting system so operators can quickly, accurately and safely get busy spraying at all times of the day and night.

Larger rinse tank. The Apache now comes with a 100-gal rinse tank.

Power train improvements for the AS1020 and AS1220:

While the AS720 with 42″ crop clearance can still be purchased with an ITL/JCB transmission, it is the introduction of the ZF transmission on the AS1020 and AS1220 models that pushes the efficiency of the Apache’s legendary mechanical drive to new levels. The AS1020 and AS1220’s ZF transmissions feature a lock-up torque converter that allows for as much as a 26% increase in the ratio of power supplied to power used compared to the 2010 model year. The result is more power to the ground than ever before which gives the operator increased traction in a variety of ground conditions. Another benefit of the Apache’s re-engineered drive train is an increase in fuel economy of an estimated 9.3% on the AS1020 and 17.4% on the AS1220 at optimum spraying speeds of 12 to 16 miles per hour.

Equipment Technologies is the largest independently-owned manufacturer of self-propelled sprayers in North America. Operating from its 108,000 square foot headquarters in Mooresville, Ind., the company distributes its sprayers throughout North America, Ukraine and Australia through a network of independent dealers.

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