Raven Introduces OmniRow, Envizio Pro II & SmartYield

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During the Farm Progress Show held last week in Boone, Iowa, Raven introduced several new products including OmniRow, Envizio Pro II and SmartYield. I caught up with Ryan Molitor to learn about these new products and more.

Molitor began by explaining that OmniRow is an advanced planter control system. This system enables the grower to do variable rate seeding either prescription based or he can adjust the rate on the fly. The system includes things such as singulation information and seed monitoring so the technology will alert the operator if anything is going on with the planter itself.

“What really sets OmniRow apart is we have a patent-pending hydraulic motor and clutch. It’s one unit that does the control but it also does the section shut off,” said Molitor.

In addition to OmniRow, Raven launched the next version of Envizio Pro. They made some additional improvements and added new features with growers’ needs in mind. Envizio Pro II is a fully functional field computer with guidance, GPS, steering, and applications controls among other features. Molitor said one of his customer needs is RFK steering, so the Envizio Pro II has an integrated GPS receiver that’s scalable up to RTK.

“Envizio Pro II is the make it do everything field computer that never needs to leave the cab,” said Molitor. “So with that, we’re also able to interface the SmartYield, which is a yield monitor system that will interface with the Envizio Pro.”

SmartYield is able to create accurate yield records for all major grains. Having critical performance data at his fingertips, helps growers make better decisions, which improves his bottom line.

You can learn more about these new Raven products, as well as others by listening to my interview with Ryan Molitor here. [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/farm-progress/fps-10-molitor.mp3″ text=”Raven Launches Plethora of New Products”]

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