OptRx Improves Nitrogen Efficiency

Joanna SchroederAg Leader, Corn, Events, Farm Progress Show, Video

I’m here in Iowa at the Farm Progress Show. Although there are farmers from all over the world in attendance, farmers in Central Iowa have been struggling with excessive amounts of rain. This causes crops, such as corn, to lose nitrogen, which negatively impacts crop yield.

Nitrogen has also become more expensive over the past couple of years so more effective nitrogen programs are of great value to them. Enter the OptRx Crop Sensor by Ag Leader. This is variable rate technology that not only applies nitrogen, but adjusts the rate of application on the go. The sensor is able to determine if the soil needs more or less nitrogen and on the fly, makes appropriate adjustments.

Jessica Reis, with Ag Leader, explained that being able to adjust nitrogen offers a multitude of benefits but one of the most important of them is the ability to use appropriate amounts of nitrogen on each area of the field will improve yield and that means improved profit.

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