Ag Leader Talks GPS Guidance & Steering

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Earlier this year Ag Leader launched a new GPS guidance and steering technology called ParaDyme. While the product is still fairly new, growers are already raving about it. To learn more about its unique features and benefits, I spoke with Jeff Bentley, GPS Guidance and Steering Sales Manager for Ag Leader.

ParaDyme is a fully functional, fully integrated hydraulic steering system. It includes a cellular modem for correction by cell, wireless, as well as wifi that’s integrated for future uses and it can be installed into any hydraulic valve vehicle. Bentley explained that it is also scalable from WAAS to OmniStar all the way up to RTK. “So it’s fully scalable to several correction sources,” said Bentley.

A major advantage of using steering technologies is efficiency. “Efficiency is going to be your biggest advantage,” said Bentley. ParaDyme offers accuracy and ease of use and Bentley said when you come back to spray or come back to harvest, the straight rows are going to be a big advantage.

ParaDyme can be used with multiple brands of equipment going back 20 years. It can also be integrated with other Ag Leader products into two displays, Integra, which was launched this fall, and Edge, which was launched earlier this year. In addition, growers can use DirectCommand and SeedCommand as well as the Yield Monitor with ParaDyme.

Farmers have commented that some of their favorite product features include the display as well as the integrated modem. We have a lot of growers, especially those doing RTK connection through a cell modem like you have in Iowa through the DOE network, who really appreciate the integrated modem said Bentley. “The modem is already in ParaDyme. They don’t have to get their own cell plan – they just buy their cell plan through us and away they go.”

Bentley concluded that it’s been a great year and they’re looking forward to seeing how ParaDyme performs on the combine as well as in tillage applications.

You can listen to my interview with Jeff Bentley here. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Jeff Bentley Talks ParaDyme”]

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