A Demo of Ag Leader’s SMS Technology

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Ag Leader is known for their precision farming technologies and this year during the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, farmers were gathered around to check out their latest and greatest offerings. Ag Leader’s SMS Technologies are a big hit so I spent some time with Lucas James to learn more about how they worked.

James first walked me through their basic SMS desktop software which isn’t basic at all. The software allows a grower to house any information he has collected on the monitor or any prescriptions he has created in the past or any guidance lines he wants to import. Once a grower has all the info in the software he wants, he can then analyze the data, run reports and export it back out. For example, James said a grower can create prescription maps and these will tell the controller what to do.

From there, a grower can send information and record different field operations right into his hand held device. From there, the device can help a grower navigate to an area of his field he wants to take a closer look at. For example, he can check out a section of his field to conduct a soil sample. Once the grower has collected all the information in the hand held device, he can sync it back up with his SMS desktop software. This gives the grower a record of where it was taken.

While you don’t have to have both the SMS desktop software and the SMS mobile technology, they do work hand in hand to help a grower become more efficient and ultimately save time and money. Another benefit of the technologies is that they are nearly universal across all equipment systems.

I didn’t give the SMS technologies justice but James can and has on the product demonstration below. You can also visit www.agleader.com for more detailed information.

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