Steps For Precision Agriculture Success

Kurt LawtonEducation, sustainability

If your looking to add more precision farming technology to your operation, do your homework to build the best adoption plan that fits your system. The International Plant Nutrition Institute recently published a bulletin outlining basic steps for success:

1. Determine your individual need. Do you want greater input efficiency? Better record keeping? Need more farm knowledge?

2. Identify tools to meet that need. Compare the brands and features, and talk to current owners, retailers and independent experts.

3. What is required to implement the new tool and how can it ensure success. Is it useful across various crops? Can it handle numerous operation and move between vehicles? How much technical knowledge does the operator need? How soon will this investment pay off?

4. Be patient. New technology takes time and adjustment to fully integrate it into an operation. Don’t expect a quick fix in most cases.

To learn more, read the bulletin.