Illinois Grower Named PrecisionAg Farmer of the Year

Cindy ZimmermanGeneral

An Illinois corn and soybean producer has been named 2010 Farmer of the Year in the PrecisionAg Awards Of Excellence program. Ken Dalenberg of Mansfield, Illinois was recognize for the role he has played in helping to develop and promote new agricultural technology for crop management.

Ken has worked with a number of research projects on his farm to evaluate precision farming technology, along with other innovative products and practices through the University of Illinois, the Potash & Phosphate Institute, the United Soybean Board, and others. He has also served on several Boards of Directors and Research Committees for the American Soybean Association, United Soybean Board, and Illinois Soybean Association, where he helped provide funding and oversight for research projects throughout the US. He has also been involved in numerous overseas programs to help improve soybean production and markets globally.

“His deliberate approach to honest evaluation has helped him build relationships with universities and industry,” says Harold Reetz, recently retired president of the Foundation for Agronomic Research and a close associate of Ken for many years. “He is frequently involved in advanced evaluation of equipment for John Deere and other companies. He is frequently invited to speak at conferences throughout the U.S. and other countries. Ken understands the importance of proper scientific methodology and is willing to expend the extra efforts and costs to do it right…even though it means delays in getting his farm work done.”

Ken has helped promote precision farming by doing it, and by sharing his experience, says Reetz. “He has opened his records and his farm to others to share what he is doing and learning. He frequently hosts farmers and industry visitors to show what he is doing and how the technology is being put to use.”