A Look at British Precision Farming

Kurt LawtonGeneral

While the United Kingdom has been slower to adopt precision farming practices compared to the U.S., they claim to already achieve “four times the yield of the American Midwest,” says a recent article in GeoConnexionUK magazine.

Precision farming service provider SOYL and satellite image provider DMCii are working together to fulfil the specific needs of UK agriculture. It’s a convincing partnership: DMCii’s unique imaging capabilities guarantee regular, up-to-date UK imaging, while SOYL understands the farmer’s agronomy requirements.

SOYL works with all sizes of farm. Its experienced agronomists provide information in a format that is both familiar and optimised for a farmer’s own specific set of requirements. Note that this is a consultative process designed to overcome the traditional barriers of trust and understanding that are associated with a new technology, while also lowering the risk to farmers themselves.

Read the story to learn more about precision farming progress in the UK.