New Precision Spraying Website

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Internet, Spraying, Weed control

The maker of Apache sprayers, Equipment Technologies, just announced the addition of to its business. is an online culmination of years of sprayer manufacturing and customer support expertise. The site offers brands like Hypro, TeeJet, Banjo and Raven precision-ag products combined with an intuitive shopping experience and an array of application-focused tools intended to supplement the visitor’s spraying knowledge including tip selection calculators, video tutorials, a spray-focused forum and more. Matt Hays, CEO of Equipment Technologies and, explains, “Our goal with is to transfer the vast spraying expertise of ET to an online shopping experience that doesn’t simply sell sprayer parts; it gives the user an experience that is as close to the traditional parts counter as possible.” Hays adds, “The tools on our site act as an aid in the online buying process, provide a place for applicators to collaborate online and really position as a destination.”

ET boasts a same-day fulfillment rate of 98% on all parts orders and many of those orders come from the thousands of calls received by ET sprayer support specialists. Kevin Covey, parts and service manager for Equipment Technologies and, commented, “Through the volume of calls we receive and our just-in-time inventory philosophy, we have taken the traditional manufacturer support model and turned it into a true competitive advantage.” Covey adds, “We are constantly in touch with applicators; we know it is time to take our competitive advantage to the internet – it’s just a natural progression.”