Ag Leader EDGE Display Offers Dual Product Control

Kurt LawtonAg Leader, Company Announcement, Displays, Fertilizer, Raven, Spraying

Ag Leader’s popular EDGE display can now be used to control two product applications simultaneously.

Chemical Injection
Dual product control in the EDGE display will support sprayer control of a liquid carrier and a single injection pump. Like other Ag Leader products, the EDGE display’s DirectCommand system
now interfaces to the Raven Sidekick chemical injection pump for complete control over chemical injection applications. The EDGE display and CAN module will replace the Sidekick Console, directly connecting to the injection pump. Automated prime and calibration routines as well as advanced sensor diagnostics are part of the new functionality. This addition can be used for herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide as well as nitrogen stabilizer injection application.

Granular Fertilizer Application
Dual product control also means two channels of granular product control in the EDGE display. Operators have the ability to apply two products simultaneously at varying rates, either manually or using a prescription. The most common applications of this feature will be in spinner spreader and strip-till operations.

“We continually strive to provide practical solutions to enhance user-experience and productivity,” says John Howard, Product Manager for Ag Leader. “The addition of dual product application control combined with existing EDGE display functionality provides an economical solution with the tools to achieve this.”

Additional functionality of the EDGE display includes SeedCommand, DirectCommand, yield monitoring, guidance and steering capabilities. In addition, the EDGE display is plug compatible with Ag Leader’s INTEGRA and InSight displays; this gives users who wish to upgrade in the future a seamless transition.