Hemisphere Adds New Outback Products

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Outback A220 Smart Antenna

Outback A220 Smart Antenna

At this week’s AG CONNECT Expo in Orlando, Fla., Hemisphere GPS introduced a new Outback eDriveX hydraulic auto-steering system and the Outback A220 smart GPS antenna.

“We are very excited about taking our new auto-steering technology to market as it takes our product portfolio to a completely new level of precision steering and control performance,” said Steven Koles, President and CEO of Hemisphere GPS. “Our eDriveTC technology has been successful in steering sprayers and other farm equipment to better than eight inches. Now, with eDriveX utilizing our world-class Celestia sensor fusion technology, we are able to steer more demanding farming practices including high precision planting, strip tilling and bedding, requiring centimeter-level accuracy at a wide range of speeds. This opens up a whole set of new opportunities with our aftermarket and OEM customers as we offer them the means to maximize their return on their investments by adopting the next level of precision.”

The company offers several vehicle-specific installation kits complete with all the necessary hoses, fittings, brackets and detailed installation instructions, which make Outback eDriveX immediately compatible with over 145 agricultural vehicle models. Additional installation kits will also be made available over the coming months. When teamed with Outback S3, and Outback A220, Outback eDriveX offers centimeter level automated steering in Straight, Free Form Contour, and Circle Pivot Guidance modes.

The Outback A220 smart antenna is an easy to install GPS receiver and antenna in an all-in-one, rugged enclosure making it the perfect choice for both aftermarket and OEM applications. Powered by Hemisphere GPS’ dual-frequency Eclipse GPS receiver technology, it provides fast, portable, sub-meter and decimeter differential GPS (DGPS) as well as centimeter real time kinematic (RTK) positioning accuracy.

With the optional internal radio, Outback A220 works in RTK mode as either a base or rover. It also supports Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) signals and OmniSTAR(R) HP/XP corrections, and offers Hemisphere GPS’ exclusive COAST technology, allowing it to maintain an accurate solution for up to 40 minutes, even when a differential signal is lost. Outback A220 operates within RTK networks and with base stations from other manufacturers as it supports the most common open architecture formats.

Outback eDriveX and the Outback A220 smart antenna can be ordered at www.outbackguidance.com with availability in Spring 2010. These products will also be available through Outback Guidance Centers and other authorized Hemisphere GPS distributors in North America and worldwide.