2009 Top Stories on Precision.AgWired.com – January to June

Kurt LawtonGeneral

As we wind down another year here at precision.agwired.com, I decided to take a look back at 2009 before we start a new decade.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting my list of “Best of Precision.AgWired.com 2009” stories, along with an additional list of noteworthy product stories.

I hope you continue to find value in the information provided. And, as always, we appreciate any and all comments from our readers.

January 2009
Get Precision Answers From University Experts
Teaching About Precision Agriculture Pays
Precision Irrigation With Remote Sensing
Precision Boom Control Saves 5% to 30% Input Costs

NRCS Precision Farming Initiative
Precision Spraying Pays Environmental Benefits
Precision Farming Success Starts With The Seed
Variable Rate Fertilizer Gaining Speed And Precision

Precision Technology Improves Sustainability
Educate The Public On Precision Farming Values

New Crop Forecast Tool For Precision Agriculture
Getting Started With Precision Agriculture

Technology Will Drive Economic Recovery
Promote Precision Ag Benefits Beyond The Choir
Auto Steer Helps Recover Wet Spring Delays
Who Makes Your Precision Ag Technology?
Concerns With GPS Satellites And Future Viability
Precision Crop Technology Proves Sustainability

New Precision Weather Growing Degree Days Tool
Precision Technology A Must To Feed The World
Ag Future Bright For Next 10 Years