Raven Buys Interest in SST Software

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Displays, Equipment, Software

Raven Industries and SST Software are building on their strategic alliance started in July–aiming to provide customers with simple and efficient ways to move and manage precision agriculture information.

These solutions include integration of SST’s AgX Platform into Raven’s Viper Pro and Envizio Pro field computers. SST’s AgX Platform is a standardized data structure and reference database that enables efficient in-field record keeping and seamless communication between AgX -compliant software and devices.

“SST’s software suite and database structure has proven itself in the marketplace and our approaches to the precision agriculture market complement and build on each other,” said Raven President and Chief Executive Officer Ronald M. Moquist. “The use of Raven high speed modems and our field computers will help provide a real-time link to SST’s powerful algorithms. We anticipate that the integration of the AgX Platform will add to both company’s revenues.”

“Raven is a partner that agrees with our mission–providing independent information management services to our ag service providers and their farmer-customers, as they manage field inputs for maximum efficiency,” noted David Waits, SST President and CEO. “Raven’s robust hardware offerings and ag business perspective will help us to achieve that goal.”

Matt Burkhart, General Manager of Applied Technology Division at Raven Industries emphasized, “Our ownership position in SST demonstrates our mutual commitment to deepening this strategic alliance. The combination of the AgX Platform with our field computers gives growers a platform they can depend on for the foreseeable future.”