RapidEye Satellites Complete Pilot Crop Scan

Kurt LawtonAerial Imagery, Company Announcement, International, Satellite

RapidEye, the only geospatial solutions provider to own and operate a constellation of five identical Earth Observation satellites, have successfully run a Precision Farming pilot project for Agro Risk Euro Scan GmbH ( ARES ). The project is called Crop Scan and supports the German farming community in agricultural planning. ARES acts as RapidEye’s service partner for Precision Farming solutions.

From March to September 2009, RapidEye imaged 8,000 hectare multiple times in Germany and provided ARES with up-to-date ground cover maps for different crop types such as wheat, rapeseed, barley, corn and sugar beets each month. The maps helped farmers requesting this product to better plan their agricultural fields and crops for the upcoming months.

Timeliness and accuracy of information is key when providing frequent agricultural monitoring. The RapidEye constellation of five satellites has the unrivaled ability to image individual fields, counties, states or countries on a frequent revisit cycle. Customers can receive field-based information including crop identification, crop area determination, crop condition monitoring, and growth stage determination.

“The results of the project were extremely satisfying, and through this new partnership with ARES we will be able to strengthen our position in the precision agriculture market. We are looking forward to going operational with this service in Germany in conjunction with ARES in 2010. We also expect that we will have additional opportunities to partner with them in the future on other ventures,” commented Michael Prechtel, Head of Sales and Marketing for RapidEye.