Planting With Precision For Southeast Farmers

Chuck ZimmermanAudio, Sunbelt Ag Expo

Bruce SauderBesides taking part in the field demonstrations at Sunbelt Ag Expo I also wandered through the indoor exhibits. The first one I stopped at was Precision Planting. I spoke with Bruce Sauder about what is new with the company that producers were getting to see in their exhibit.

He says that some of the new units that they’ve come out with this year include a 20/20 RowFlow Module that controls the population rate of seed as you move through the field and swath control for minimizing overplanting. Bruce says the swath control can save as much as 2 bushels of seed in a 240 acre center pivot.

You can listen to my interview with Bruce below:

Sunbelt Ag Expo 2009 Photo Album