New Smaller Case IH Patriot Self-Propelled Sprayer

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Education, Equipment

A new 800-gallon, lighter footprint addition to the Patriot self-propelled sprayer line-up was recently introduced by Case IH at the Midwest Ag Industries Expo (MAGIE) in Bloomington, Ill.

The Patriot 3230 offers the full complement of Case IH precision agriculture tool options–from AFS AccuGuide autoguidance and AIM Command spray system to the AFS Pro 600 display, the AFS 262 GPS receiver and the Navigation II Controller.

“Because of the Case IH cab-forward, rear-engine configuration, Patriot sprayers are designed to get you in the field sooner – in any field condition – and this new 800-gallon machine offers an even greater advantage with a lighter overall footprint,” says Ken Lehmann, Case IH application equipment marketing manager. “The balanced weight distribution and light footprint of the Patriot ensures operators can get in the field when competitive machines cannot. During critical application windows that impact yields, our sprayers can get into tough terrain without damaging crops or creating ruts.”

Although the 3230 will be the smallest of the Patriot sprayers, there’s nothing small about its capabilities. Case IH powers the Patriot 3230 sprayer with a new 6.7-liter electronically controlled diesel engine, rated at 220 horsepower. This turbocharged, aftercooled powerplant puts out 752 foot-pounds of peak torque.

All Case IH Patriot sprayers offer superior control of product application with multiple features that contribute to spray performance such as precision control of boom height, rapid changes in spray nozzle rate, GPS-guided boom-section control, and even fully automated steering for the ultimate in convenience and accuracy.

“This new sprayer shares the same design DNA as the larger Patriot sprayers,” Lehmann explains. “That means a smoother ride for operators, more acres sprayed every season and better application accuracy in the field.”