Clemson Takes Precision Agriculture On The Road

Kurt LawtonGeneral

Precision farming hits the road in South Carolina as Clemson University Mobile Precision Ag Lab travels the state to take ag research from the field to the farmer.

Clemson’s Will Henderson works from the back of the trailer to share real-time results of Clemson studies and demonstrate the principles of precision agriculture.
“It’s a traveling road show for precision ag,” Henderson said.

Precision agriculture is the practice of using remote-sensing, soil sampling and information-management tools to optimize agriculture production.

The intent is to improve the accuracy of applying water or chemicals within a field. The finite management of precision agriculture is in contrast to whole-field or whole-farm management where decisions are uniformly applied. This approach helps protect the environment and improve both yields and the grower’s bottom line.

“It’s micro-managing individual parts of the field,” Henderson said. “Precision ag can help increase a farmer’s net return by applying these principles on a site-specific basis.”

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