Precision Ag Companies Use Social Media

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Education, Industry News, Precision Ag in the News

As traditional advertisers continue to move more media dollars to the web to improve customer targeting and ROI, they’re also using social media—such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter—to reach innovators and early technology adopters.

While social media is still in its infancy, more and more people and companies are experimenting with various tools to capture customer conversations and conversions to gain information, sales, interaction and more.

I did a quick search on Twitter to see if I could find some precision agriculture companies, and I found Raven Industries and Topcon (Please send me your link if you know of other companies on Twitter).

Raven is using Twitter to direct ‘followers’ to view videos on their website, to talk about product benefits, to listen to interviews from company personnel, and more. Topcon is doing similar product and company news and promos.

Who knew 140 character messages could help people educate, promote, interact among many groups of people from across the globe. And for the curious, stop by AgChat every Tuesday from 8-10pm EDT to read ‘tweets’ from a broad cross section of agriculture, and consumers, too, who wants to voice their opinions. It’s fascinating and fun.