Precision Agriculture Boosts Farming Smarter

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The technology of precision agriculture is becoming more affordable (!), easier to use, less cumbersome in the tractor cab and physically easier on the farmer (thanks to auto steer). That’s the message delivered by ag industry veteran Harold Reetz, president of the Foundation for Agronomic Research, in a recent story he penned for AgriNews.

The risks of over-applying and under-yielding combine to put pressure on the manager to make better decisions. Through precision farming, growers can leverage their knowledge of their fields to maximize return on inputs.

Using soil test data to decide where the fertilizer dollar offers the highest return and using row-control planting equipment to minimize seed waste are just two of the benefits of the technologies available to today’s farmer.

Precision ag is making progress onto more and more crop production acres because its ease of use has progressed along with the technology.

More farmers can afford it. Not just in terms of dollars for the system, but the changes make the time investment to learn the systems and put them to work much more affordable.

The payoff from precision ag comes from making the right decisions on all acres of your farm, maximizing economic return. Today’s precision ag software and hardware work harder than ever allowing you to work smarter.

Check out The Foundation for Agronomic Research. And if you haven’t started making that investment in precision farming, it’s never too late to start, because for a lifetime.