New Crop Forecast Tool for Precision Agriculture

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Billed as the true next generation agricultural information product, CropForecaster service combines satellite imagery with biomass and leaf area variables. It can produce daily imagery that tracks and predicts crop development and growth from planting to harvest.

CropForecaster is the combined work of ZedX, a Pennsylvania-based leading developer of internet agricultural decision support services, and France-based Infoterra, a subsidiary of EADS Astrium company who is a leading global provider of geo-information products and services. Together these companies have over 40 years of high level information technology experience in agriculture.

Why CropForecaster? Costs of advanced satellite imagery have kept it out-of-reach for most agricultural uses. Likewise, use of advanced agrometeorological models has been limited by spatial data availability and uncertainties. CropForecaster overcomes the limits of these two approaches and transforms them into a powerful decision support service.

This service will provide an unprecedented day-by-day, detailed quantification of crop production. The service is designed to keep you focused and informed of current and future state of a crop.

For more details on what this service can offer, check out this presentation. It outlines various maps — from planting date and progress, to acreage, crop stage, crop condition, yield and more.