Great Deal on GPS Precision Farming Starter Kit

Kurt LawtonEquipment, GPS

Calling all growers who haven’t experienced the input saving possibilities of GPS-based precision farming. All it takes is $1,400 and a trip to your John Deere GreenStar certified dealer. Within minutes of arriving home, you can plug in a user-friendly GreenStar Lightbar and StarFire 300 receiver and be farming with precision.

You can move the system easily from machine to machine to get year-around cost savings–regardless of application, equipment and cropping practice. The GreenStar Lightbar system:

  • Improves driving accuracy
  • Low price and unbeaten John Deere quality
  • Reduces overlaps and skips thereby saving input costs like fuel, labor, and fertilizer
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Ready to go within minutes
  • Moves among your equipment and spreads the savings across applications, throughout the year
And best of all, it’s backed by knowledgeable dealer support that will work closely with you to ensure success. Go visit your John Deere dealer today.