NRCS Precision Farming Initiative

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USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service in Alabama has announced a new Precision Farming Incentive for farmers in that state.

The Precision Farming Incentive is designed to encourage the adoption of variable-rate application of nutrients and pesticides and promote the use of GPS-enabled precision agricultural technology and equipment. The goals of the Precision Farming Incentive include improving water quality by targeting areas for reduced nutrient and pesticide application, reducing runoff and leaching of pesticides, enhancing soil quality through reduced erosion and soil compaction and energy conservation through accurate and efficient application of crop inputs.

A poster promotion for the incentive reads: “Want to save money? Want to reduce input costs for nutrient and pesticide management? Want to reduce the risks of these entering streams? New precision farming technology is proving that it can be done.”

The program is available this year to producers in 22 Alabama counties. Read more about it here.

Listen to a story about the program here from Julie McPeak with Southeast Agnet:
[audio: Precision Farming Incentive.mp3]