Hands-free GPS Precision Harvesting On Sale

Kurt LawtonGeneral

Growers looking to upgrade their harvest performance for 2009 should take a hard look at the new John Deere 70 Series Combines–and get special pricing before the February 2 deadline.

Contact your John Deere dealer to check out these prices and equip a combine that best fits the way you farm. One of the best options on the market for hands-free harvesting is AutoTrac RowSense — which can help the combine steer itself in down corn, around terraces or on pivots — to save every bushel.

Other popular options include PowerCast Tailboard, which gives a controlled spread of residue up to 50 feet wide; and the Self-Leveling Cleaning System, which helps achieve level-land efficiency on sidehills of up to 14% slope (available on the 9870 STS only).

Act soon, and you’ll be in a new combine before harvest this fall.